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happy boomer

Are Baby Boomers Destroying the Economy?

It’s becoming a mantra: “Baby Boomers Destroyed the Economy.” Millennials and Gen Xers are the worst off. No one can dream of saving for retirement, while the Boomers are sitting pretty with their Social Security, Medicare, and nest eggs from their cushy salaried jobs. Marco Rubio brought it up when he campaigned in Florida: “Everyone […]

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the audi generation

The Audi Generation: How Expectations will Ruin Retirement for Boomers

  The Audi Generation: How Expectations will Ruin Retirement for Boomers is republished with the permission of Kurt Rosentreter, CA, CFP, CLU, CIMA, FCSI Senior Financial Advisor, Chartered Accountant, National Course Instructor, Best Selling Financial Author Download this article as a PDF.     Isn’t life good? I make $250,000/year. As a white collar professional […]

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Being a freelancer. Joyful handsome positive man using the laptop and enjoying his tea while working at home

Will Gig Work Help With Your Retirement Strategy

You probably already know something about the so-called ‘gig economy.’. It’s a new wave employment model that Millennials are flocking to. Essentially, gig work entails short-term freelance contracts instead of permanent, salaried jobs. Many love the model because it offers the most flexible working environment to-date. But what about those of us with retirement on […]

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best cities to retire

5 of the Best Places to Retire Abroad

When I Google “best retirement cities,” most of the posts make me laugh. They recommend retirement destinations like Wenatchee, Washington and Portland, Maine. Sure, those places are much more affordable than the Chicago suburbs. But is Wenatchee where you want to spend the rest of your life? A lot of people are making compromises these […]

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living abroad

Is Living Abroad Your Retirement Fix?

Retiring abroad has always been a draw for certain people. Spend your Golden Years relaxing on the beach and drinking margaritas. Encourage your kids and grandkids to come visit when they’re on vacation. It paints a nice picture. But living abroad is starting to take on another new appeal for people approaching retirement. If you’re worried […]

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