What’s Missing From Your Financial Planning Checklist?

You could have the most comprehensive financial planning checklist out there. You’ve covered every possible scenario and contingency to minimize risk and maximize your savings long term. But what if your boss fired you tomorrow? Well, you’d have to throw most of your comprehensive financial planning checklist out the window, at least until you got […]

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The Worst Ways to Prepare for Retirement

You’re a corporate worker and you’ve tried to prepare for retirement but you know it’s not enough. Don’t worry, your retirement concerns aren’t unique. That said, a lot of traditional retirement planning advice really doesn’t apply to you, and you don’t have time to mess around with outdated tactics. Whatever you method you choose, make […]

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Why Corporate Job Security is a Myth

Trying to build savings for retirement? Don’t bank everything on your corporate job. ‘Job security’ is a buzzword a lot of people throw around. For corporate workers, it’s often a barrier. You want more savings for retirement, so you think: Maybe I should become an entrepreneur and start my own business. Then you think: No, it’s […]

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economic collapse

Surviving An Economic Collapse

Doomsday Preppers is a reality television program on the National Geographic Channel.  It profiles survivalists, preppers, who are preparing for doomsday.  The most popular doomsday scenarios involve surviving natural disaster, nuclear winter or global economic collapse. What Doomsday Preppers shows us: “Otherwise ordinary folks who are stockpiling food, water, weapons and whatever else they think is necessary […]

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The bigger bonus

The Fallacy Of The Bigger Bonus

Some time right after the summer ends the bonus chatter begins. Usually the first person to start the conversation on the upcoming bonus season is a loser.  He/she knows it but hope dies slowly in the corporate compensation merry go round. As year-end approaches employees become hardened in their expectations.  Nights out with colleagues self-reinforces what the […]

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retirement myth

Why Your Retirement Is A Myth

The retirement planning pundits have finally thrown in the towel. The new leading piece of wisdom to come from this crowd is to work longer before retiring. Recall that other gems have been: Start saving in your 20’s Max out your 401K contributions Take some risk but not too much investing (?!) Now we are […]

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