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Diplodocus Dinosaur at its End

Full-time Employment Is Going Extinct (And That’s The Good News)

If you’re a late-career professional, you have a lot to think about for retirement planning. You probably haven’t saved enough yet, and you worry about those Millennials out to get your job. Here’s some new research out of Harvard and Princeton that could add to your woes: 10 million jobs have created between 2005 and […]

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retirement stats

Over 50? Here are 15 Retirement Stats You Need to Know

I know a lot of people over 50 have retirement concerns, and they should. The traditional retirement age is fast approaching, and many have less retirement savings than they’d like. And what many GenExers and late Baby Boomers who have retirement concerns don’t really realize how much the cards are stacked against them. Traditional advice […]

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How to Cope With the Robots Taking Your Job

According to Pew research, the majority of human jobs could be automated by 2065. The process has begun, and many jobs are at risk today. This isn’t just a possibility –it’s something that should worry people. The robots can destroy your retirement planning, especially if you’re already late career. Millennials have time to pick up the […]

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Stressed businessman in the city.

8 Signs Your Job May Be at Risk

Even if you’re a late-career corporate worker, it’s reasonable to worry about job security. Losing your job at any time can be disastrous for your retirement planning. And a lot of the time, it’s out of your control. If you’re worried about losing your job, here are 8 signs you should look out for. You […]

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Why Corporate Job Security is a Myth

Trying to build savings for retirement? Don’t bank everything on your corporate job. ‘Job security’ is a buzzword a lot of people throw around. For corporate workers, it’s often a barrier. You want more savings for retirement, so you think: Maybe I should become an entrepreneur and start my own business. Then you think: No, it’s […]

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Retirement plan with graphs and glasses on desk

Stop Telling Yourself Your Retirement Will Be Ok

The reality of the 40 or 50-year-old corporate executive is that things have changed. Your retirement isn’t what you expected.   In fact the change has accelerated since the Global Financial Crisis.  The roots however go back much farther. Until the early 1980’s wage growth in the U.S. had grown at 2.2% for around 80 […]

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