Start the holiday season off right with two of our books for free and a very special, limited-time offer inside each book.

To kick off your holidays with some savings I’ve made both of my new Kindle books free in the Amazon store!

Don’t worry, you don’t need a Kindle to read them. You can get the Kindle app for free and read these books right on your computer or mobile device.

Click here to grab Online Business Basics: Fund Your Retirement free.

Click Here to grab Retire Abroad: 49 Questions Answered free.


BONUS:  Want access to the exact plan I used to go from broke to a successful online entrepreneur and expat in my late 50’s?

Then don’t forget there’s a blowout special offer inside the book that I only give to my Kindle book readers. I promise it’s worth your while to have a look.

Have a fantastic start to your holiday season!

Ian Bond




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