My Retirement Rehab was created with one purpose in mind; to help you make a bespoke plan that allows you to be safe and secure in your future, irrespective of your current employment or retirement situation.

Below is a short list of some things to think about.

We can help with some or all of them, whatever fits your personal circumstances.

Some are more daunting than others, depending on your personal situation, but they all need to be addressed in some form.

  1. Utilize the massive skill set you’ve accumulated over decades outside the corporate setting.
  2. Achieve clarity with your Balance Sheet and help you lower your expenses by making better choices.
  3. Extract yourself from the big spend lifestyle make the move towards minimalism.
  4. How to discuss major changes in your lifestyle with your family and the script you use when your changes make your friends notice.
  5. How to create the discipline in your life that’s required once changes are made.
  6. Discover the talents and interests you have outside the job place and more importantly how to leverage them for new income.
  7. Find and start a side income. Imagine if how differently you would feel about job loss if you had a side business you control making you thousands of dollars each month?
  8. Pick a safe, inexpensive place to live, including expatriation, if desired.
  9. Make a plan to reduce your debt that’s tailored to your specific situation.
  10. Discover and leverage other tangible assets beyond your retirement account and property.
  11. Teach you how to prepare for a financial disaster, how to create a disaster fund and where to put the money for easy access.
  12. Teach you how to outsource and network outside of the corporate setting

Some of the things on this list require you to change the way you think. If you can seriously consider you and your family changing the way you think and act in order to facilitate the changes in your personal plan, then you’re already moving ahead.

Mindset is a huge part of creating a new and better reality!