Even if you’ve spent 30 successful years climbing the corporate ladder, it can still feel like you’re a one-trick pony. You’re a product manager, research analyst, accountant. You are your job title and nothing else.

I’m here to tell you you’re wrong.

You may have spent years living and working inside the box, but during that time you’ve amassed an array of skills that can help you earn money beyond your salaried job.

You already have all the tools you need to become an entrepreneur and run your own business.


If someone had told me 10 years ago that I’d own several successful online businesses in 2017, I’d have laughed in their face. I’m a private banking executive, with very few computer skills and even less experience with online marketing. But I made it happen, and you can too.

Look, I know today’s a scary time to be a corporate worker, especially late in your career. According to Forrester research, robots will eliminate 6% of US jobs by 2021, and much of the rest are already being outsourced to India or elsewhere.

These are the pressures that erode our job security and future employment prospects. The idea of having a normal, financially-stable retirement is slipping further and further away. You need to act now if you’re going to save your finances.

When I first started looking for income options outside of my corporate job, I learned a secret that I’ll share with you now:

Those same forces that erode your job security are tools you can leverage to succeed as an entrepreneur today.

Don’t know how to make a website? Hire a professional in India or the Phillipines to do it for you. Don’t know how to market your business on social media? Use an online tool to automate the process.

Take advantage of automation technologies and a global network of freelancers to create your own online business and help run it. All you need is a profitable idea, the ability to invest in it, and the wisdom to read up on the steps to make it happen.

Many other corporate workers like you are already succeeding at building multiple streams of durable income beyond their monthly paychecks. I count myself among them.

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