Some people are forced to downsize their life, others do it by choice.

Most people, once they’ve done it, are relieved whether it was by choice or not. This happens because they realize on some level that their things and certain aspects of their lifestyle were controlling them more than realized. It feels liberating to be free of them. 

Here are some small things you can do right now to begin downsizing your life. Most will not make you feel deprived and instead give you a sense of gaining control over your situation.

Stop the Deliveries 

Consuming more physical products won’t help your downsizing goals. Stop the deliveries and subscription boxes. At least have a policy if you bring home something new, you must get rid of something old. Two things would be better.

Unsubscribe From Entertainment & Media 

Take a few minutes to evaluated your bloated cable, internet, sports and movie packages. Are you really using all of these features and channels? If not, make the call and downsize the bill.

Move to Digital

Take time to digitize family photos and upgrade the quality of old family movies to new formats. Your children will thank you and it’s a nice walk down memory lane. Start to buy digital copies of your favorite books and music. The digital files will move with you anywhere in the world.

Donate Duplicate Items

Charity shops will be happy to get your duplicate kitchen gadgets, sports equipment, bedding, furniture, power tools, and other items you’ve just put away with no intention to ever use again.

The bigger downsizing tasks come later. They involve bigger plans, possibly a move to a new house or even a new country, but it’s all made easier by the small things you can do right now.

These easy steps get you thinking in the right direction right now.