Job loss can be traumatic and the recent trend towards more of it is especially unfavorable for the older, corporate worker.

As much as your quality work has been appreciated over the decades, the current financial and technological realities remain unchanged for your company. It’s unfair, because you have been a team player. You live and breathe company culture and your company knows they can count on you.

The good news is, you are not only an asset to your company but to yourself as well. Your perseverance, ability to follow through, to maintain and cultivate relationships, and to handle enormous responsibility are the very things that will allow you to take control and change your personal  situation for the better.

My Retirement Rehab has the resources and the knowledge base to help you plan an exit strategy step-by-step. This is a plan you create based on your specific circumstances. It can be implemented and working for you whether you leave your job on your terms, or not.

We know exactly what you’re experiencing because we have a community of people who have experienced every emotion and concern you have at this very moment. What’s even better is that we offer a myriad of effective ideas and proven solutions to help you overcome your specific challenges and make a solid plan of action.

There’s no better time to start changing your reality. It can only start with you, and it should start right now. You’ve spent your career developing valuable business and professional skills. This is the time to put all of them to work for you and your retirement plans.

In future e-mails we’ll help you define your assets, tangible and intangible, and show you how to logically and systematically forge ahead towards a desirable future that you control.