At this point, you probably feel like you’ve heard it all before — every retirement strategy, tip or trick there is.

Get out of debt. Put away X percent of your income annually. Make catch-up contributions to your 401K.

You could follow any and all of the traditional advice out there, but none of it’s fail-proof. Retirement isn’t decades away anymore, and none of those strategies will help you catch up on your savings in time.

In today’s economy, there’s only one fail-proof plan that will get you out of debt, grow your nest egg, and retire knowing you’ll have money in the bank year-after-year:

Diversify Your Income

Gone are the times where you could rely on your corporate income and retirement investments to succeed. Now it’s become a necessity for pre-retirees to develop alternative streams of income that can follow them into retirement.

Be a Late-Career Entrepreneur

Now is a prime opportunity to start a side business, especially online. Create an online business, and you can work from home in your spare time while keeping your day job.

Many of the processes involved in online businesses can be automated or outsourced. Perfect this strategy over the next few years, and you can have a largely hands-off income stream while you’re retired as well.

Ecommerce is booming today, and not all that money goes into the hands of Amazon and Alibaba. Niche products and affiliate relationships are just a couple of ways the rest of us are getting our slice of the ecommerce pie.

If you have a valuable commutable skill (most corporate execs do), consulting is another online business option that you can scale before retirement.

Buy a Business

If you have the capital, buying an existing business is a fail-proof way of scaling this strategy instantly. There are many online platforms designed to help investors do this.

Find the right business, and you can even create an ongoing partnership with the previous owners to help manage it and smooth the transition into your hands.

Of course there’s a learning curve, but I’ve already done the reading, learned from my own mistakes and succeeded. You can too, with the right advice.

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