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Angst in America Part 3: Retiring Broke

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“If you aren’t worried about financing your retirement, you’re either very wealthy or very oblivious. You’re not oblivious if you’re one of my readers. So to the wealthy ones, congratulations. To everyone else… join the club. I know it may feel like you’re the only one worried about retiring, since you don’t get to look at your neighbor’s balance sheet, but you’re hardly alone.”

This post is a round-up of sorts on its own. It combines recent survey data and excellent commentary on why people are anxious about their retirement and are unable to save. The author tries to tackle why people aren’t taking action to salvage it. Perhaps the fear is paralyzing but it’s real. I encourage you to read this article and then look at some of the solutions and resources we offer as a retirement fix.


The Surprising Way to Help US Workers: Invest in Robots

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“The stakes are high: If the U.S. government ignores or avoids globalization and automation, it will stifle innovation. Americans can figure out how to strengthen society while integrating robotics into the workforce, or we can leave the job to China. Should it come to that, Chinese companies will be able to export their highly efficient manufacturing and logistics operations back to the U.S., putting America’s manufacturing workforce out of business forever.”

This opinion piece gives a different view on robots as it relates to job loss. We’ve covered robots a lot on this blog and this is the first article we’ve come across that puts forth the idea of robots as job creators. The author, a robotic researcher proposes we leverage the robots and their manufacturing efficiency to educate a new generation of software creators and innovators ultimately, creating new jobs.


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Say Goodbye to a Do Nothing Retirement

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“But many folks are beating the retirement blues by moving overseas to fair-weather, walkable havens where a healthy lifestyle comes naturally and passionate and engaged expat communities keep them socially active. Others still use this time to pursue their dream businesses and enjoy their life-long passions…”

Want to be an EXPAT? Want to easily work in retirement? Then give this article a look. Retirees and pre-retirees are moving abroad and setting themselves up for a successful and fulfilling retirement

What Did Early Retirement Look Like In 1957?


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“And, though the dollar figures they provided may be shockingly low 60 years later, when retirement experts tell potential retirees that they should expect to need 70% of their pre-retirement income and when more Americans than ever think they will need $1 million to be ready for that milestone, some of the wisdom of those young retirees stands the test of time.
Perhaps the most noticeable thing about the men featured in LIFE’s story is that all of them continued to make money even after they gave up their traditional jobs.”

The photos alone are worth a look on this article. Yes, it’s true these folks didn’t live as long as today’s retirees will but they had some unique, lucrative and creative ways to spend their retirement. It’s the same creativity that GenX and Boomers need to apply to their retirement plans.

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