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Below are the posts we read, found interesting and loved this week for a variety of reasons. Some of them were the MOST SHARED posts in retirement for the week. We think you’ll like them too.

The most shared posts in retirement last week.

You’ll never be able to save enough for retirement

From the article: “We don’t know what market returns are going to be tomorrow, much less for the next 10, 20, 30, or 40 years,” Hauptman said. “I think people should have reasonable expectations and save as much as they can.”

This was one of the most shared posts in retirement this week. It’s a round-up post of all the scary articles that say there’s no hope left for salvaging your retirement if you haven’t saved enough. That’s not what I believe, in fact every post on this blog speaks to the contrary. There are several ways to fix being under-saved.

Check out our article on the same subject:

What Should You Have Saved For Retirement at 50?

Squaring-The-Survival-Curve And What It Means For Retirement Planning

Another popular article this week is an in-depth look at longevity which in itself becomes part of the retirement savings problem. The retirement age (forced in many industries) isn’t keeping pace with the longevity curve.

From the article: “It’s become a well-recognized phenomenon that life expectancies are on the rise, and have been for more than a century now. For many, this leads to the “inevitable” conclusion that someday we’ll all be living to age 150 and beyond, and that we need to plan for drastically longer retirement time horizons – or even that retirement itself will be transformed (or become irrelevant) if medical breakthroughs allow us all to enjoy 100+ years of active lifestyles. However, a fresh look at the data reveals that this may not actually be the likely outcome. “


Worth A Read

What is Sequence of Returns Risk and How to Manage It

From the article: “Okay.  So the first decade could make or break how successful our retirement is.  How then can we plan for this in the future if we don’t know ahead of time what’s going to happen?”

I joined the conversation on One Cent At A Time’s post. This was a guest post by DJ at My Money Design.


Worth the Mention

The problem with this boomer “retirement plan”– CBS News

From the article: “So are workers taking steps to help ensure they can continue working beyond age 65 or in retirement? Once again, the glass may be half-full or half-empty:

  • 60 percent report they’re staying healthy so they can keep working
  • 52 percent report they’re performing well at their current job
  • 42 percent are keeping their job skills up-to-date
  • 19 percent are networking and meeting new people
  • 17 percent are scoping out the job market and available opportunities
  • 12 percent report going back to school and learning new skills”

What are you personally doing to lengthen your runway to retirement and make your savings last?

Hop on our list to hear about our ideas on the subject.

America’s Malls Are Overpriced and Running Out of Time

From the article: “Most of us hear little of the decline of the mall, and probably wouldn’t pay attention unless it affected the mall we actually shop at. But there’s no escaping the news stories surrounding the department store chains that exist almost exclusively in enclosed malls – Macy’s, Sears, and JC Penney. Reports of restructuring and store closings have become standard financial media issue since the recession.”

Ecommerce is growing at at 16% clip as of Q3 2016 and now represents a bit over 8% of all retail sales. This compares to total retail sales growth of 2.2%.

As an owner of multiple online stores, I can confirm what Joanne has said. People are not only comfortable online, but even moving from desktop to mobile when ordering.

We have one story selling $100 baby items with over 60% of sales from mobile. More startling is the growth in sales at a store selling $1200 household items with 25% of sales on mobile.

The ascent of e-commerce is killing the malls, despite pretty weak consumer metrics. Save time and money and shop from home!

What do you think? Join the discussion below in the comments. Enjoy your week!

Ian Bond- My Retirement Rehab


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  • MyMoneyDesign
    January 29, 2017 7:22 AM

    Thanks for the mention Ian! I appreciate it.

  • Really enjoyed your perspective Kevin. I’m along time fan of the blog too.

    Malls are dead! People want to shop online and so the mall has become a social gathering spot. The problem is everyone is walking around the malls on their phones and not shopping!

    Thanks again!


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