People like to discuss robots taking our jobs like it’s a possibility. Will it happen? If so, when?

BBC even assembled a helpful calculator that determines the chances robots will take over your job based on your professions.

But it looks like people are wasting their energy on if’s and when’s.

All signs are pointing to another reality.

Check out this excerpt I read in FEI International’s newsletter:

In tech news, replacing humans with AI is now a reality, with IBM’s Watson Explorer being implemented at a Japanese Mutual Life Insurance firm, making 30 employees redundant. The expected pay-back time is just 2 years, so this might soon become a growth/ROI opportunity for US companies, too. Taking charge of your own income could be more important than ever!

The robots are already taking our jobs. It’s an ongoing process, and not a slow one.

Silicon Valley icon Elon Musk has also taken a (seemingly) pragmatic view of the robots taking our jobs. It will happen, it is happening, and there’s not much anyone can do about it. He expects automation to take over every aspect of real “work,” leading governments to hand out a universal basic income to everyone since we’ll all be unemployed.

That very well could happen, but it’s certainly no reason to sit around and do nothing about the robots. They’re taking our jobs now and that universal basic income is a long, long way off. In the meantime, professionals like you can suffer immensely.

And even if your job isn’t at risk from robots just yet, it certainly is at risk from cheap, MBA-wielding Millennials.

How Will You Survive?

Understanding the inevitable fact that the robots will take your job is the first step to surviving the change. Here are a few things you can do to prepare:

Learn To Work with the Robots

Even if your job is on the chopping block, learning to work with the robots that are out to replace you is a good strategy to stick around a little longer.

If your job’s being replaced by machines, businesses still need someone to control and manage them. So start getting tech savvy. Learn to code online, and get comfortable working with different types of software and hardware.

At best, this strategy is a stop gap. One robot can replace 30 corporate workers, making job loss inevitable.

Broaden Your Skillset

Robots are designed to perform very specific tasks. If you don’t include AI, a robot can learn and take on new responsibilities outside of the original job description (specification).

You, however, can, which makes you more valuable. Broaden your skillset so you can perform a wide variety of tasks. This makes you more hirable and more retainable. Educate yourself in important areas that require complex critical thinking, such as designing a marketing strategy.

Find New Sources of Income

In my opinion, the best way to prepare for the robots taking your job is by accepting it and moving on. You’re going to lose your job, so what should you do about it? Find new sources of income to soften the blow, or give you a way out.

You don’t have to quit your corporate job and move on. On the contrary, it’s easy to become a night and weekend entrepreneur. Build up an extra, solid stream of income on the side. On the day the robots finally do bust into your office, you’ll have options instead of a crisis.

Be Prepared to Adapt

The world is changing, thanks to technology. I know most professional today took their jobs thinking they could retire easily with a nice 401K and savings in the bank.

But with the robots out to get your job, a traditional retirement strategy just won’t cut it. You need to adjust your goals and expectations to overcome these changes. To be adaptable, you really need to think outside the box and accept that your 9-5 routine won’t be there your whole life.

Getting comfortable with these changes before they happen will make it easier to transition and succeed. We’d love you to join the conversation. We have options and we’d love to hear your ideas on the subject. Comment below and hop on our mailing list.


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  • Mustard Seed Money
    January 20, 2017 9:49 AM

    I definitely agree that everyday I need to be learning new skill sets and while coding is outside my area of expertise. It is something that I am trying to learn to make myself that much more valuable in the future. While it seems inevitable that AI will take over huge swaths of jobs in the future, I am trying to stay a step ahead to stay relevant in my own career.

  • I think we all need to be in constant learning mode. I differ with a lot of super-savers in that I think it’s dangerous to be only a passive investor. Plus it’s boring to be out of the game!

    Keep planting the tiniest seeds!

    Great idea and congratulations on the progress. Good luck!

  • Great points Ian! Trying to deny what is already happening isn’t a smart move. In my work (teaching/education) – it isn’t robots but technology that is taking away jobs. Online learning is used many places now. Instead of denying that was going to happen, I became an online educator (in addition to working in a “regular” school). I understand it better now – even though it is not my preferred way to learn. It benefits many – even thought it doesn’t work well for all.

  • […] over at Retirement Rehab shared a post about robots taking our jobs. People are in denial if they disagree with points Ian makes in the post. Teachers might not be […]

  • Hi Vicki! Online education is huge and only going to get bigger. I admit to an addiction myself, but it’s for unique things I’d never get access to overseas or anywhere. I’m with you in that I love the classroom and I don’t think it will be replaced.

    I think embracing the change and being ahead of the curve are critical, like you have done!

    Thanks for your thoughts!

  • This is so true. I’m a professional and I can see forms of automation taking over rapidly near my niches. I’ve focused on developing other skills to make myself invaluable to the side-business I’m building. When I’m my own boss, I’m less-likely to be made redundant.

  • I couldn’t agree more ZJ! In fact, as your own boss you can also harness this technology (and employ people globally if you need to).

    So many professions are at risk or under assault. A Japanese insurance company just replaced 34 people with IBM’s Watson Explorer artificial intelligence! Crazy stuff when you consider it.

    I think you’re spot on in broadening your skills. The younger you start, the better off you will be too. Use this trend to your advantage. You’re young and already on the right path!


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