Thanks for your interest in writing for Retirement Rehab Blog! We always like to share helpful insights to our audience from thought leaders around the web.

Retirement Rehab Blog has the long term goal of helping professionals rehabilitate their finances and make a prosperous, enduring retirement a reality. Do you have something to contribute to the story? You’ve come to the right place.

What should you write about?

First, take a look around the blog and see what kind of content we already publish. You’ll quickly see that Retirement Rehab Blog doesn’t offer your typical retirement advice:

  • We can’t count on 40 years of employment at the same company, or on regular salary increases and promotions.
  • Elements of today’s financial markets often resemble casinos more than they do the solid, gray institutions that were the bedrock of business stability.
  • A senior executive with decades of tenure can be seen as an expensive pension & benefit liability with an excessive salary. Younger, cheaper replacements are a constant threat.

With those points in mind, here are a few general topic areas we like to cover:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Job loss
  • Living abroad
  • New economy
  • Retirement strategy

We’re looking for all sorts of content on these topics. But if you want to increase the chances your guest post is accepted, tailor it to our audience: Workers nearing retirement with a less-than-impressive nest egg.

What we don’t want:

Please don’t write about how to save for retirement by shopping the deals and babysitting on the weekends. Our audience wants to learn how to save and make real money with their lifestyle choices and investments.

A few editorial guidelines

Ideally, guest contributions should between 500 and 1,500 words. Only use as many words you need to make your point. We also require one royalty free image to serve as the post header and a brief (50-word) author bio.

Please be aware:

  • Unnecessarily lengthy content or anything that’s difficult for our readers to digest won’t be accepted.
  • You may include one link back to your website as part of your author bio. All in-text links must be relevant to the content.
  • Any submissions that clearly promote a single product/service or come off as spammy will be rejected.
  • Articles that are too short (under 500 words) will be rejected.
  • If any aspect of your name or author bio appear illegitimate, your post will be rejected.

Terms and conditions

By submitting your article, you agree that:

  • You own all copyrights to the article, or have the expressed permission of the author to submit it to us. We reserve the right to make minor editorial changes to the article before publication.
  • The article is 100% original, meaning it has never been published anywhere else.
  • You may not include any affiliate links or promotional material in the article.
  • Once published, you will promote the article to your audience on social media and elsewhere.
  • You may republish the article to your own blog 30 days after it appears on Retirement Rehab Blog. Include a disclaimer and link back to the original article in the post.

What are you waiting for?

If your article meets all the above guidelines, please send your submission to Editor. Make “Retirement Rehab guest post” your subject line. Any emails without that subject line will not be read.

Please include the following:

  • A brief description of your article
  • Your name and author bio
  • A copy of your completed article as a Word Doc
  • Your royalty free image

If we like the article, we will be in touch to discuss scheduling and publication.

Retirement Rehab Blog receives many guest post submissions, so we can’t reply to each and every one. If you don’t hear back from us within 2 weeks, feel free to pitch your article elsewhere.