job loss resource guide

Your Job Loss Resource Guide

Job loss is a big worry for every generation, but it’s a special issue if you’re getting ready for retirement.

Maybe you’ve been working in the same field for 30 years, and don’t have any commutable skills. Maybe you’re a great employee, but your position is becoming automated. Maybe you hate going to work everyday and it shows in your performance.

There are plenty of personal reasons for leaving a job, or worrying about job loss late-career. But your prospects don’t have to stay bleak. Check out these resources to learn more about coping with and even benefiting from potential job loss.

Know the Signs  

Not sure if your job is at risk or not? These posts will help you learn to know the signs:

What Next?

If you’ve already been laid off or fired, then it’s time to hit the ground running. These resources will help you change your outlook and get started with the next stage of your life:

Most Popular Posts

These are the posts that people loved the most about job loss in today’s economy:

Other Resources

Still need some guidance on how to cope with late-career job loss? Here are some other resources to help you learn more:

Thanks for reading our Job Loss Resource Guide! Losing your job doesn’t have to be the end of the world, even if you’re 55. Join our community to learn more about how to plan for and cope with job loss, and turn it into an opportunity for retirement success.

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